Zip-it Cable Tidy - Drawstring

Ergo are delighted to have been given worldwide distribution for the original Zip-it cable tidy. Redesigned for use on multiple height installations via its innovative fixing method. The Zip-it cable tidy is extremely versatile, lightweight and easy to install.

The fabric design has access holes at different levels and a simple zip action to pull the whole unit together.  The pull string has been designed to be the perfect solution for large or small audio/visual equipment, where the access holes offer seperation of leads and the fabric design offers a lightweight, innovative product.

Perfect for the home office, Zip-it offers an easy to install and adjust cable management solution. 

Segregated channels allow for power and data cabling to be separated and concealed.

Priced to beat any similar competitor offering.

Key design features

Available from stock.

Available in silver (CMS2655) 

* Other colour options available upon request.

Product Information

Dimensions and specifications

Specification sheet: CMS2655

Zip it - drawstring

Available Configurations