Dual beam arm with manual height adjustment and tool rail fixing

X-Stream consists of a series of interchangeable modular components, providing the user complete flexibility in adapting the configuration to suit their exact requirements.

Our XSTREAMCOMB06 configuration is a dual beam monitor arm with manual height adjustment for tool rail fixing.
At full extension X-Stream provides a reach of 450mm, folding back on itself into a space of 40mm. Standard height adjustment can be extended with the use of an optional front end height adjustment ratchet mechanism.

Our cable management system spanning the entire arm from tool rail fixing to screen provides the user with a clutter free environment.

Key design features

Available in a range of colours:

Silver - XSTREAMCOMB06S - RAL code 9006
White - XSTREAMCOMB06W - RAL code 9010
Black - XSTREAMCOMB06B - RAL code 9005

Specials on request

Product Information

Dimensions & specifications


Specification sheet: Silver - XSTREAMCOMB06S
Specification sheet: White - XSTREAMCOMB06W
Specification sheet: Black - XSTREAMCOMB06B

Customer branding

Customisable joint covers allow you the option of over-branding our X-Stream arm, to enforce your own brand and differentiate yourself from your competition.


Blue tint highlights over-branding area.

Available Configurations