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Innovative Product X-Stream/Mosso™

X-Stream monitor arm combined with Mosso™ light

This product provides an elevated lighting platform with an impressive reach, keeping the desk clutter free and maintaining the optimum ergonomic position.

This unique design can be implemented across the X-Stream range meaning it is available for both the single arm and double arm desk top options as well as the tool rail version.

This particular combination uses the minimalistic profile of our X-stream offers a cost effective, flexible solution to achieving the perfect ergonomic working position with the added benefit of the MOSSO™ Desk lamp which features the latest in LEDs and an LED head that not only swivels up and down, but also twirls a full 360 degrees resulting in energy efficient, dimmable natural light in the positioning that you desire.

The X-Stream monitor arm has a cable management system panning the entire arm from desk to screen combined with the Mosso™ light provides the user with a clutter free working environment .

Available in a range of colours:

Specials on request

Product dimensions

Key Design features

  • Value engineered, cost effective solution
  • Full range of movement including height adjustment, tilt, rotation and reach
  • Full cable management on X-Stream monitor arm
  • Unique load range from 0 - 20Kg on X-Stream monitor arm
  • Lockable quick release VESA function on X-Stream monitor arm
  • Standard height adjustment ranges from 240mm - 380mm on monitor arm shown
  • Monitor arm available with through desk, tool rail and desk clamp fixings
  • Monitor arm is 98% recyclable

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