Modular, Flexible & Contemporary Office Ergonomic Solutions

LED Task Lighting UCX™

The UCX™ series of undercabinet lights bring easy, energy efficient lighting to any undercabinet space.

Choose a length, and choose a mount. You can tilt forward or back, attach with magnets or screws, and daisy-chain multiple units to run on a single outlet. Chained units can be individually controlled or synced.

Slide your finger along the touchstrip to control power and brightness, or touch anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness.

Compatible with optional occupancy sensor.

Product dimensions and specification


UCX specifications

LED Rated Lifespan: 50000 hours
Transformer: 24 or 48 watts
Colour Temperature (Daylight): 5,000 K
Colour Temperature (Warm): 3,500 K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 85
Dimmer: Built-in touchstrip
Brightness Adjustability: Continuous
Colour Finish: Metallic Black,Silver,White
Material: Aluminium/Plastic


Energy Consumption: 11 watts
Number of LEDs: 42 LEDs
Max. Brightness (18” above desk): 186 fc
Maximum Chained Units: 4 units


Energy Consumption: 17 watts
Number of LEDs: 63 LEDs
Max. Brightness (18” above desk): 210 fc
Maximum Chained Units: 2 units


Energy Consumption: 24 watts
Number of LEDs: 91 LEDs
Max. Brightness (18” above desk): 234 fc
Maximum Chained Units: 2 units