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Stream Plus® Tool rail knuckle

Enabling the mounting of monitor direct to tool rail without the need for height or depth adjustment. Positioning the monitor 140mm from tool rail, the stream monitor mount offers lockable quick release VESA function.
Indeal for use with iPads/Tablets through the use of our Boomerang iPad mount, click here for further information.

Available in a range of colours:

Silver - CMS2502
White - CMS2503
Black - CMS2504

Key design features

  • Up to 20kg
  • Swivel, tilt & rotate
  • 75 mm & 100 mm VESA complaint
  • Lockable quick release VESA function
  • VESA sits 140 mm off tool rail
  • With optional iPad mount
  • Additional +/- 70mm available with ratchet mechanism
  • 100% recyclable