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CMS Ergo Newsletter - Issue 3

Welcome to the latest edition of the CMS Ergo newsletter.

The first quarter of the calendar year has shown significant growth. With many clients realising that greater margins can be achieved by utilising Ergos’ extensive range.

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Stream going white

Our stream range is a cost effective solution for single or double screen applications. The post system has both through desk and clamp options together with a height adjustable tool rail option.

The stream range of monitor arms has full articulation with an easy manual height adjustable system.

Shortly we will be stocking white arms to compliment the Stream range, this includes the popular tool rail arms and post mounted versions.

Stream Quick Release Bracket

Listening to our client requirements is always important to us for development of products. As a result we have designed a simple although effective quick release bracket to be used with the Stream range. This can fit to any existing arm being used or to new orders. The simple design fits between the monitor and mounting and is released by simply turning a small female hand wheel.

Multi Screen Application

From our Concerto range we have been asked what are the possibilities? Our answer is……….endless. We have a bespoke service for specialised multi screen applications and many individual applications have been ordered, from 2 to 18 screen configurations. These are ideal for trading desks, security centres, broadcasting studios, multi screen monitoring offices to name a few.

Mobile Workstation

More and more users need to be on the move within the workplace. The mobile workstation is an ideal application for educational, medical and factory usages.
This versatile application can accommodate monitor screens, keyboard, printer, CPU documents and can be tailored to the individual clients needs.

Laptop—Monitor Stand

It is becoming increasingly common for users to run on both a laptop and a fixed monitor screen. These can be used together to open multiple programs within
operating systems of the laptop. Therefore a perfect configuration would be from the Concerto range having both screens viewable from one source. This configuration creates more workspace and lifts the laptop screen to a more ergonomic height.

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