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Mosso™ Pro with Ergo’s inductive charging platform wins GOLD at NeoCon

Ergo is proud to announce that the new Mosso™ Pro LED Desk Lamp with built in inductive charging was honoured with the "Best of NeoCon 2013" Gold Award in the decorative lighting category and task lighting category respectively.

NeoCon is an annual industry show that features new designs and products by office furniture designers and manufacturers. These annual awards are given out at each NeoCon show, and honour the best innovations and designs for new products in a number of product categories. Winners of the 2013 competition were selected from hundreds of entries in 34 different product categories. Entrants were given 5-7 minutes to present their products to the judging panel. Sponsored by Contract Magazine, about 50 interior designers and facilities management professionals judged the products in each category. Products were judged based on the criteria of functionality, flexibility, quality/durability, aesthetics/style, innovation, environmental sustainability, and pricing. 

With the latest inductive charging platform incorporated into the base Mosso™ Pro can now charge smart phones on your desk top. The development driven by Ergo’s design team was awarded the Best of NeoCon 2013 GOLD Award in Task/Desktop Lighting. Having embedded a transmitter inside the base of our desk lamp range Ergo working with Koncept LED Lighting have developed an easy-to-use inductive charging, desk solution.

Wireless inductive charging is an emerging technology, by which a magnetic field transfers electricity from an external source (the charger) to a mobile device (your phone) without the use of standard wiring. It does this by generating a magnetic field and creating a current in the receiving device. With the compatible receiver attached to your device – in the form of a clip, case or sleeve – electricity can move through the air and recharge your device’s battery, although the latest mobile phones from the likes of Samsung and Nokia are now being produced with a built in charge pad illuminating the need for a case. This platform is compatible across the Koncept range.

Combining the latest LED technology with ultra efficient driver circuits and cleverly designed optics, Mosso™ Pro delivers an unprecedented 90 lumens per watt for an LED desk lamp. Users can tune its colour from warm (3500 K) to cool (5000 K) and anything in between. Carefully selected LED sources and smart circuitry allow for smooth light transition. The LED head swivels up and down and twirls 360 degrees to shine light at any angle. Brightness is controlled by an intuitive touch strip for dimming and on/off.

The LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours – that’s 8 hours a day for 17 years. Mosso™ Pro offers a wide range of mounting options, including desk clamp, wall mount, slatwall mount, grommet mount, and through-table mount.

Mosso™ Pro – Winner of Best of NeoCon 2013 GOLD Award in Task/Desktop Lighting.